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​A C A D E M I C S

Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

      Heartland Christian uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum which has been proven to be effective in teaching all the basic academic disciplines as well as instilling Godly character into the lives of students. The curriculum is built upon these seven key foundational concepts:


1.   Integration of Biblical Principles

2.   Godly Character Training

3.   Mastery-based Learning

4.   Built-in Reinforced System of Learning

5.   Individualized Learning

6.   Development of Critical Thinking Skills

7.   Socialization


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Our curriculum has incorporated over ninety moral character traits demonstrated in the life of Christ.  All of these character traits are presented within each level of the curriculum; in poems, songs, in character strips, and in activities. Throughout the curriculum, the character traits are defined and students are required to memorize a Bible verse that teaches the corresponding character quality.  With these tools, Heartland seeks to train servant leaders and help students focus their attention on responsibility, character and self-discipline. 


     Expressing thanks to God and others for the ways they have served me



     Giving whatever is necessary to meet another's need without expecting anything in return



     Having assurance that whatever I say or do will benefit me and others



     Meeting a need or a chore from a different point of view



     Being worthy of trust by doing what I said I would do even if it means self-denial



     Accomplishing the greatest productivity by preparing myself and my environment



     Facing danger with a spirit of determination



     Surrendering or yielding affections to God, not tied to emotions that can be changed by others



     Responding tenderheartedly to the needs of others



     Dealing rightly, doing what is right and proper to God and others



    Showing a genuine, harmonious attitude toward others



     Confirming my commitment to a person or cause in time of adversity



     Foreseeing and responding correctly and alertly to any situation



     Accepting a difficult situation with calm endurance without complaining or losing self-control



     Seeing what is likely to happen and giving careful thought in acting and planning



     Resolving to accomplish a long-range goal and allowing this goal to determine my daily progress



     Capable and ready to undertake projects that others would overlook or discard



     Building my everyday life and self esteem on eternal things which cannot fail or be lost



     Saying and doing the right things to avoid undesirable consequences in dealing with people



     Knowing what will reduce the effectiveness of my work if neglected but doing all that should be done

     to complete it



     Earned trust by accurately stating all known information


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